Hello, i'm having problem with this code, the program have to multiply 3 number and provide the result. But i always get zero for the final result

ORG  100
input A
store A 
output A

input B
store B 
output B

input C
store C 
output C

loop, load Z
add A
Store Z
load B
subt one
Store B
Skipcond 400
Jump loop 
loop2, load P
add Z
Store P
Load C
Subt one
Store C
Skipcond 400
jump loop2
output P

A, dec 0
B, dec 0
C, dec 0
one, dec 1
Z, dec 0
P, dec 0

What i'm doing wrong?

Thanks for the help

What is this assembler?
'store', without 'where to store': do you have a SINGLE storage place?
Or perhaps you have a LIFO storage : Use 'PUSH' to store, 'POP' to read, in most assembly languages.

Or did you mean a 4-bit processor language?