hi, I have a problem. I am trying to make it so when i open up my program A jpg loads with it. I have a add-on called JPGloadthat i downloaded from the "update tool" in Dev c++ .when i compile the code that was included with it, gets a whole bunch of errors. I have all the hearders i need and all the libraries i need linked. I am using Dev C, Running windows xp thx for the help. See images below for errors.

The errors are: 36 syntax error before '=' token
37 syntax error before '=' token

In function `FormLoad':

187 too few arguments to function `BCX_Form'

195 too few arguments to function `BCX_OlePicture'

the libraries

Well, according to the error messages you havent given all the required parameters. Did you check that out?

I can fix the last 2 errors but have no clue how to fix the first 2.

NVM, im such a no0b i got it to work, thx

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