hi all , can i access the parallel port using c`s assembly language syntax and using windows 98 se as the os or xp if i could (dont think xp is possible though, i dunno?)

Thanks for reading , gruffy
bw , if is possible can i get direction to interrupt handling in C and how to catch port 378 and the keyboard for a keypress (hopefully an interrupt out there that can listen for keypress and not make the program wait until there is one )

Windows has always allowed programs to use the various ports and keyboard input. Can you do it without working through Windows on Win98 SE, -- I'm not sure.

If you're thinking about making a keylogger, stop right there. They have a serious risk of being misused - whether it's by you, or by someone else who stumbles upon the program. They have very little reason to exist that is not illegal, or immoral, and no one here will help you code one up. "Just to see if I can... just to study how it works...just to learn more about the system... NONE OF IT sounds credible in the least.

Give up on the keylogger idea, as fast as you can. They are nothing but trouble, even if you are a saint and would not abuse it -- because others would hear about it, or stumble across it, copy it, and then THEY would abuse it.

Hello matey, no am not making a keylogger, I have 8 binary lights attched throught the parallel port and need the program to run continuously whilst listening for a key press, then if a keypress occurs the program jumps to anoother subroutine and once that has finished return to the main routine
the program s designed to simulate a traffic lights sytem with pelican crossing

I have tried INT family (INT16 and 21 combo`s) but not sure if i am instantiating them corretly and need serious help with it.

Thanks for the keylogger warning btw
on that note .... would a keylogger source hold the code info i am looking for etc
Its worrying and possibly a bit presumptuous, btw, to assume i might be making a keylogger, im a newbie to code and wouldnt know how to do it, for a start. But thanks for replying none the less
Gruffy (any help is a great help)
(i just want to learn assembly and no-one seems to know anything, its a hard going trip alone ... :( )

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