hiya i need to create these if statements please can someone show me how to create them

i have attached an image alongside this

thank you

so far i have this

public class Logic2 {
    int Val1, Val2, Val3, Result1, Result2;
    // creating 1,2,3 integers

public void Calculations (int Val1,int Val2,int Val3){

    Result1 = Val3-Val1*Val1;
    Result2 = Val3 - Val2*Val2;
// Simply just doing calculation for values and then sqauring them

public void setVal1(int newVal1Value)
     Val1 = newVal1Value;
 public int getVal1()
     return Val1;
 // Created get and set for val1
 public void setVal2(int newVal2Value)
     Val2 = newVal2Value;
 public int getVal2()
     return Val2;
 // Created get and set for Val2
public void setVal3(int newVal3Value)
     Val3 = newVal3Value;
 public int getVal3()
     return Val3;
// Created Get and Set for Val3

sorry i did not highlight i dont know how to

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if(result1<result2){System.out.ptintln("Test one pass")}
if(result1>result2){System.out.ptintln("Test two pass")}
if(val1<val2 && val3>val2){System.out.ptintln("Test three pass")}
if(!(val1>val2) && !(val3>val2)){System.out.ptintln("Test four pass")}

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