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I’ve created an app with a user control that accepts parameters. When a user clicks a button I need to store the current view of the control and bring into focus on demand. Several instances of the UC need to be stored with different parms. Is a generic collection the best way to do this?


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Try using a List<T> of the control.

Thanks. That worked perfectly. Here’s what I did—just to test:
• Created user control with 3 textboxes, and 3 string parameters in the constructor.
• Created a form with a button, tab panel, and List<T> for the user control.
• On form load, created 10 instances of the user control, passing 3 unique string parameters. The user control then set the values in the textboxes. Added each instance to the List<T>.
• The purpose is now to display each instance on demand in the tab panel. The button click event “rotated” thru the List<T> of user control instances and added it to the panel with the textbox values properly displayed. Worked great. Only thing though, I disposed the control (from the tab panel) before adding the next instance. Once disposed, it’s no longer is available in the List<T>. I need all instances kept alive in the background, so I’ll try a different approach when removing from the tab panel.

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Simply adjusting the .Visible property should allow you to hide the controls without disposing of them.

Yes thanks - I'll use that approach.

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