i have problem in C# window platform

i have to publish a application by doing some alteration

i have 5 licence key when i enter those licence key, then that should get copied to the application2, form1 5 textboxes

in application1 their i am using button by clicking on that button it should publish application2

and when i give only 3 licence key from application1, then it should copy those 3 licence key to only 3 textboxes of from1 in application2 and by clicking on the button which is in application1 the application2 should get published by change

how should i do this or

is their any other way so that i can do the above procedure

skp03 , can you please post some of your code or snap shoots of your forms so that i can better ans you . and if you are working in C# then it is better to post this question in C# forum so that someone can better answer your prob.