im totally new to this forum, but i already checked whether my ask is answered somewhere else already. i couldnt find anything...

i used to work with dev-cpp and i have to work with the cnum.h library a lot. Since im a student i am able to get MS Visual Studio 2010 for free. after realising that, i installed it.

But there is my problem:
I want to include cnum.h file into my clean cpp project. in order to do so, i added the folder of the cnum.h and the libCNum.a file to the linker (additional library directories, im not too sure if this is the correct english name for it, my system is running in german language)

after this i included the .h file with #include "cnum.h"
and i typed the code where i use one function out of this library.

when i try to compile i get following message:
": fatal error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "cnum.h": No such file or directory"

("Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden" means "not able to open include file")

Is there a special folder where i have to paste the cnum.h and the libcnum.a files?

hope you can help me

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If you surround the name of the include file with quotes the compiler will expect to find it in the current working directory (where the .c or *.cpp files are found).

VC++ 2010 may not recognize that file format. They usually have *.lib extension.

English please! We don't speak/read/write German.

using #include <cnum.h> does not help... as far as i know do the quotation marks only mean that the compiler looks in the source file folder for the library in addition, and not only in that folder.

i askes the writer of that library whether there is a .lib file that i can use, i dont see any other solution

or is there a way to create a .lib file out of a .a file?

@Ancient Dragon
We? Who is we?

>>using #include <cnum.h> does not help..

Correct. When angle brackets are used, the compiler looks in the directories that are shown in Project --> Properties (at the bottom of the menu), Configuration Properties --> VC++ Directories. You can customize that to include whatever directories you want.

>>or is there a way to create a .lib file out of a .a file?
there is no conversion program that I'm aware of. Maybe they will give you the source code so that you can compile it yourself with vc++.

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