Hello all,

I have been learning C++ on and off for some time and it hasn't yet sunk in, mainly due to time constraints. I purchased "Sams teach yourself C++ in 24 hours" which whilst seems okay I find myself reading it to finish the book opposed to taking in the content. I frequently use online tutorials and videos also.

After doing a little research I have purchased "Beginning C++ through game programming" which looks like the kind of style I believe I will learn better from. It arrives this week some time.

My question: Is anybody aware of a list of projects that possibly build up to one larger project? I enjoy solving problems, so I tend to learn sections of tutorials/books then go off and try and put the new knowledge into practice, my problem is that I possibly pick projects that I can do without a huge amount of difficulty therefore not really challenging my knowledge.

So I'm looking for a list possibly, for example "you have X amount of issues to tackle, but actually once you have completed these challenges individually you should have the knowledge to tackle 'this' challenge" (which would be a bigger challenge that perhaps would have been far too much to take on initially).

Thank you for any advice you may give and have a good day.

Writing a game will result in a list of projects.

Building libraries that work together is equivalent to a list of projects.
Even is you're writing console apps, you can write something that controls your particular style of output and save that in a library and something else that normalizes access to databases and something else that outputs content to spreadsheets. Those three things would/could result in a business-app.

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