In my project, all my forms access the connection string from the login form which takes data from an XML file

Dim thisConnection As New SqlConnection(LoginForm1.cnString)

now when i create crystal reports. i first select a viewer which calls the report via code

cmd.Connection = thisConnection
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        cmd.CommandText = "Select * from ATA_Pending"
        da.SelectCommand = cmd
        da.Fill(ds, "test")
        Dim strpath As String
        Dim strpath1 As String
        strpath = Application.StartupPath
        strpath1 = strpath.Remove(strpath.Length - 9, 9) + "ATAP.rpt"

        Dim cr As New ReportDocument


        Me.crv1.ReportSource = cr

but i also want this viewer to provide a connection to the rpt file from "thisconnection". right now i'm manually connection from the rpt file. im not sure hw to go about this. suggestions will be appreciated.

right now i'm manually connection from the rpt file.


As in from the rpt file. i take database expert. create a new connection. browse to ole db connection -> sql native client and from there fill in the details such as (server name, username, pasword etc). then i pull in the tables or views i want and drag the fields onto the report. i hope thats what you were asking?