I am currently working on implementing an operating system in turbo c which uses c as the programming language. For this project we must implement pagination. I have absolutely no idea how to do this in c and most web results are for web pages using mySQL or java or css etc. Does anyone know how to do this?

What do YOU know about pagination? Don't ask for the answers. Ask questions that will help you find the answers on your own!

I know that pagination is splitting up a text document which is being presented to the user based upon the amount of characters which can be placed on the screen. I wasn't looking for a code solution I was just looking for a point in the correct direction like trying a list with a counter. Or read it all first break the text into arrays and print the arrays. I've been trying this for the past week, and was in need of a fresh idea to try. Sorry I tried to get some help.

Ok. But to me, pagination (especially in context of implementing an operating system) refers to memory (RAM and VM) in that memory is sectioned off into pages. I wasn't sure if that was what you were referring to or not (apparently NOT), so I wanted you to clarify your question so we could give you the appropriate help. A spiel on virtual memory and memory paging would not have helped you! :-) So, let me re-read your original post with the fact in mind that you are talking about text pagination and when I have a bit of free time today I'll get back to you.

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