can any one help me in JAVA? how does it help in making softwares?

depends.. are you talking about Java the 'cross-platform Object-Oriented programming language', or Java the coffee blend?

if we are talking about the programming language:
every single computer program 'out there' is written using a programming language, being it C, C++, Assembler, Java, Cobol, .Net, Visual Basic, ...

how Java helps you making software? it doesn't. It just provides you with the possibility to write your software, and the tools to compile and run them. the actual writing and making of the software you'll still be doing yourself.

best link for starters would be the official tutorials

also, the sticky thread on top of the java forum contains tons of usefull information for every starter, composed by lots of professional developers sharing their knowledge based on personal experience.

best answer, thank you :)
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