Has anyone succeeded in creating a class library solution/project in VB.net VS2010 4.0 Net Framework for COM to run on WindowsXP Excel 2003. I created a dll which changed specific data in an excel worksheet. The dll worked just fine on the development computer but wont work on any other.

I downloaded .NET 4 framework onto the target PCs and used RegAsm.exe to register both the .dll and .tlb files in the registry. That worked OK and the dll is visible as a reference in excel and can be ticked. The error message I get is RunTime Error -2147024894(80070002) : Automation Error The System cannot find the file specified.

I also tried creating a Setup and Deploy project in the original development solution but this created just a vbproj setup file which the target PC cannot read (no VS installed), I hoped the project would create an EXE file I could use.

Does anyone know any links that describe how to do this type of stuff as most links I have tried are either for Windows Forms projects are are way above my knowledge. Maybe someone out there has already succeeded with this sort of activity?

Did you place it in the EXACT same location in the file system?

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