Please provide a pseudocode algorithm for this question please.

Please do the pseudocode for Python 3.2.2

Write a program which asks the user to enter a username, and then a password. Then when they type the command “log off”, they will have to retype their username and password in order to log back on again.



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Procedure learn python:
1) Stop double posting your question, when somebody does not do your homework
2) Think about the problem
3) Analyze what you need to solve the problem
4) Check the documents, examples of teacher, example codes in sticky messages of Daniweb and code snippets archive for examples of how to do user input
5) Write pseudo code of my problem and practice funcitions I need in interactive Python session (maybe trying variations of teacher)
6) Code the solution
7) Debug the code and ask specific questions from DaniWeb
8) If succeed doing this: learn Python, else: not pass the course, try again harder from 2), after learning to think more analytically.

Come on guy, do your responsibility! It is your home work, not ours. But we are ready to clarify things and advance the knowledge of those who show effort.

Good luck and learning experience! It really is not so hard as you think!

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