hie..I've bin working on a program that reminds other students how many days are left to write the final examination,including weekends.....this program is supposed to read as from now onwards up until 23 April 2012........help me with an idea of interface and program Code

Well, it depends how complicated/realistic you want this program to be.
If you've wrote the database, you should have students, the courses they are assigned to, their lecturers and their timetables, etc!

Then you can add a database table linked to the courses tables for all the course's assignments/examinations and the dates they are due.

For the front-end interface I would imagine their being a side navigation for the list of courses that particular student is signed up to, (configured as they log into the system, like Blackboard) and there being a center calendar where the deadlines are also shown in there. In addition to a widget/highlighted corner section, that has the countdown for exam(s).

I would create a left navigation for the button to the calendar, latest alerts, course notes, exam locations, also shown on a map, etc.

Anything else you would work on from there, be creative!

To do the actual calculation, you can use the timer control or the DateDiff(date1, date2) method.

Hope that helps :)

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