Hello Everyone! So ive done some searching and havent been able to find what i need. Partly because i'm not sure exactly what words i should be googling! I am wanting to download gmail emails, and then display them in a spreadsheet like format. I know that emails have unique ID's and also the email content i am downloading has a unique "order number" in it as well. I think i can create a dictionary with the unique id's, but not sure where/what/how to put in a spreadsheet like format?... i have attached a picture of what im shooting for. If someone has some terms of what i can search for, that would be awesome! Eventually i am going to make the records selectable in the spreadsheet and then send them to other people with the click of a button... i have the sending stuff figured out.. just need the spreadsheet stuff!

thanks guys... and im also going to have a timer displayed in a column for each record... i'm 99.999% sure i have that figured out.

Still working on this... but ive been messing with .ui to .py to .exe stuff lately... and re-designing the gui that i had... I think i ran across a solution a couple of days ago in Qt Designer, that would allow me to create the "spreadsheet" like rows and columns i'm looking for. I was going to trial and error with some implementations of "list view", "table view", "list widget", "table widget", and "text browser"... i figure with one of those I will be able to create what i want. :) I think ill just need to have the above dynamically created "on the fly" as a new email is fetched from gmail!

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