I am using automation desk to run python scripts. This in tern executes scripts using v2.2 interpreter

every time i m trying to use raw_input("Enter name ")
it fires EOF Error.
If i run it in interpreter separately it works fine.Its really basic functionality.
FYI: Automation desk dont support script with __main__ thread

if anyone can help me please

Thank you

Hi pythonguy,

Hmm. It sounds like AutomationDesk is sending EOF signals to your scripts without being asked. I can't think of a really good way to explore this problem without my own copy of AutomationDesk (I don't have one). It's commercial software, right? You're probably better off emailing the dSPACE tech support people; I'm sure users have run into this sort of thing before.

I can think of a few kludgy solutions in the meantime, though. One thing you could do is replace raw_input with a function that pops open a Tkinter input-collecting widget. The idea here is that the widget would collect input from the user, write to file, close, and then the function that called it would read what was written and pass it back as input. Horribly inelegant, but if you need a quick fix I guess it'll do.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Thank you for the reply.
I thought that for such basic built in functionality.....why to go for GUI.....I'll thikn of it again.
but what i wondering was standard python tutorial says something about EOF error too....but why EOF comes into picture if it is expecting somthing from command prompt....