I've got this intro C++ class and I can't figure out what the teacher is looking for, please Help Me if you can.

1) Each group turned in pseudocode for an in class project with five or six steps to run a baseball game. You are to turn the pseudocode into as many function stubs as you have lines of pseudocode plus several larger game functions. Each function stub is to print to the screen which function is being called and for functions from your pseudocode what the function does (the line of pseudocode). You are to organize your game and pseudocode stub functions as follows:

a. The main() function only calls one function: Game. Game should display it has been called.
b. Game calls three functions: PreGame, RunningGame, and PostGame. Each one of these functions should display they have been called.
c. Divide up you pseudocode and put each of your five or six functions into either PreGame, RunningGame or PostGame.

Every lab should at least print out:

Game() stub
PreGame() stub
Pseudocode function(s) called from PreGame print names and line of pseudocode here.
RunningGame() stub
Pseudocode function(s)called from RunningGame print names and line of pseudocode here.
PostGame() stub
Pseudocode function(s)called from PostGame print names and line of pseudocode here.

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You want us to do it for you? Or would you like to ask a few questions?

Reread what you posted and try to think of possible help you can get based solely on your post.

If you or someone else could do it for me I could use it to complete the rest of my assignment.

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