Hello all , I'm designing a Database which is for students & Their degrees
I have Two Tables One for students one for their Degrees & 2 forms Main One & Sub form .
What ever I want to make a way to search for a student name like the one that exist exactly in the navigation bar in the form !!
So here what I want to do exactly
1- Have a button when I click it gives me the record whose Student name is the value in a Text box or like it !!
PS: I don;t Code in VB.net or Use Access !!
My Database (Media Fire)

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How far you doing this?
post your code. where the error is. we're going to help you.

In fact Jx_Man : I learn C++ & use it , but Access Supports VBScript !!
What ever I solved it with Combobox from Builder . I think it will do the Job !!
Thanks for reply anyway .



In the click event of the combo box set a filter on the form

Public sub combo1_click
    me.filter = "StudentName='" & me.combo1.text
    me.filteron = true
end sub
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