I have a problem in vb.net

when i connect database to the vb

it show me this massage for all tables that i have in the database

"Could not retrieve schema information for table or view Attendance."

when i press OK

the fields do not show

it looks like the tables are empty

what i can do to solve that

This problem occurs because the MySQL ODBC driver reports catalog and table names for the table, but reports an empty string for the schema. Visual Studio is expecting a schema here, and is formulating the 3-part name that you see, in the format "catalog.schema.table". Since there is no schema, you end up with 2 dots between the catalog and table name, which MySQL apparently doesn't allow.

You should still be able to programmatically use the ODBC driver with the System.Data.Odbc classes, because this particular behavior is a result of how the the Visual Studio designer tools format the query string. I.e. ADO.NET itself is not in control of this.

A response from the VS team on this problem is available here.

You may also get some more information by posting to the data controls forum here.

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