I cannot add data source in my window applciation;...There is no menu for me to add a new datasource.
What is shown there is none

What should I do?
Kindly assist
Need your immeadiate attention...

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You need to read this.

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You need to read this.

I can't see the menu for "Add Project Data Source"

What I can see is "none"

mybe u must add new datasource from menu bar,choose Data...

urm...u binding data to ??

still cannot..

Im creating a datagridview. So I want data pump in to the gridview. So I need to create a datasource in order to create the binding....

still cannot..

u mean, u dont hve add data source in yr data menu bar or what??

u should reinstall yr vb...

previously i have it....previous project that i created have this function....

found this so weird when i want to create another new project using datgridview, something happen regarding this...

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