Hello, basically I want to have two TImage components, one I will use and using the Bitmap tools in Delphi I will create a background. In the second TImage I will create objects which move around the custom background but I still want the first TImage to be visible.

The problem I have is when I create the second TImage ontop of the first one the Canvas creates a huge white square over the background image making it impossible to see, how can I make the second TImage transparent so that the background is always visible and does not change regardless of the movements in the second one.

Thanks! I've seen AlphaBlend before and never managed to get it to work. This procedure sure looks like it will though, you are great at finding these :D.

Just a question though, I have no idea how to call it, I.e. how can I use this procedure to turn a TImage into (for example Image1) Bitmap and then make it transparent and then draw over it using canvas tools such as MoveTo and LineTo

Graphics is not my strong suit, I usually have someone doing that for me ;)

What I would probably do is put the background Image on a form, put a graphic control over it to draw on (if that is what you mean).