Hey all again,

I'm just wondering how you could get a graph to represent your data file (Such as a ValueListEditor) as I've had no success in managing to read from it or how it can be done.

Wanting something like this;


Many thanks,

If you use graph components, then you will have to format your data the way the component expects it. Usually, one on one usage of your data is not possible, unless you are using some generic method.

If you explain what your data looks like, and what component you are using, then we can possibly provide a solution for you.

The data is within a ValueListEditor with a name and quantity, and I'm using a chart to represent a graph however when I attempt to read any data I can only choose from random/no data/function.

I'm asking really how to use a chart and represent the data I have

Which chart component ?

I'm not sure what you mean, I have used the one under 'additional', which as far as I know is called a Tchart - Using Delphi 6 by the way

Any help at all? I'm not fussed which components that are required, just a way to get a graphical representation of sold items, like above a bar for 5 videos sold, 3 DVDs and 1 CD etc.

Thank you

Thanks, saw that before but didn't think it'd work but hey, it did!

One more problem - What is wrong with this?

Chart1.Series[0].AddXY(StrToInt(Form13.StringGrid1.Cells[1,2]), 15, 'Videos', clTeeColor);

Looks okay, what's the problem?