Write a program that reads characters from the keyboard until a period is
received. Have the program count the number of spaces and display it to the
user. After that, ask the user if he/she would like to count a specific character.
Terminate when the user is done counting the characters.
plzzz help me

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what help do you need?
you know what to do, the only thing you need to actually create and test that application is a keyboard, and since you've been able to write that post, I 'm pretty sure you already have one.

show us the code you've written and where you 're stuck, but we're not going to write code-on-demand.

import java.util.Scanner;
public class Characters 
    public static void main(String args[])
        Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
        char ch; 
        int spaces = 0; 
        System.out.println("Enter . to stop."); 
        while(ch != '.') 

              ch = (char) System.in.read();

        System.out.println("number of spaces : "+spaces);
        System.out.println("would like to count a specific character(yes or no) : ");


I don't know how to count a specific character

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first: let him choose yes or no, if yes, let him choose a certain char, which you store in a variable.

you're already comparing them to '.' so you know how to compare them ( if char == testChar)
also, at the start of your app, initialize an int counter and set it to 0;

if ( charIJustRead == testChar)
counter += 1;

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