Hello to all
we make a simple loading bar in vb6
and two command botton exit and start loading bar
and we create setup .exe and now i want to run my application in boot time
using a boot Cd i mean when we are use a Ghost boot able cd there ghost setup file
we change ghost setup in my vb project setup exe file it cannot run my program in boot time .
please any body help me what i do
and run my program in boot time

Hi razamughal67

I have done this before, i created an executable using Visual Basic 6,
and then replaced for the one to be called in the CD to be used as a
Boot CD and had no problems at all, there is no programming involved in
this trick, is just a matter to replace the executable and thats it.
but here is the thing, some boot cd's main executable .exe file need
some other files in order to run, maybe thats the problem you are having,
so maybe your executable file doens't have the appropiate sources to invoke
the files involved with that boot executable file to be run from that Boot CD.