plz i need a help in the following Qs using assemply lang i am a Beginner and i dont know how to solve it....plz help.

Q1. Write an 8051 assembly program to convert a series of ASCII numbers to packed BCD. Assume that the ASCII data is located in ROM locations starting at 300H. Place the BCD data in RAM locations starting at 60H.

ORG 300H
MYDATA: DB “87675649”

Q2. Write a C program to find the number of zeros in an 8-bit data

NOTE: in both questions you must compile and run the code using the µVision 8051 assembler.

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Good for you.

Now YOU go and read the forum rules, and post some actual effort, instead of just dumping your homework on us.


I used to do my work without asking any body for doing it for me!!!!

its my first course in assemply...if am not Compelled i will not ask any body for it


> Q1. Write ....
> Q2. Write ....
Now, tell me once again how your demands equate to you putting in some effort, and not expecting to be spoon-fed an answer.


i have done it ....no need for ur help keep it for u

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See, that wasn't so hard - congratulations
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