Hello :)
i found a need of properties in a Area class

public List<Tile> Tiles { get; set; }

private int _goldValue;

public int GoldValue
                sum = 0;
                foreach (Tile t in Tiles)
                    sum += t.Surface.GoldValue;
                return sum; 

well - something wierd... i didn't needed the private _goldValue.. actually i can delete it and everything will be just fine.

am i missing something? the GoldValue public i want the Area's object will have - get it's value from the List of Tiles...

1. leave the private _goldValue just for the good practice?
2. delete the private _goldValue, and just leave the public one? (it's just dont feels right...)
3. there is a better way to do such a thing? (am i missing something?)

thank u!