I have developed a sniffer code in C language. Now i am creating user interface for that. I am using visual C++ to design user interface. Once the program starts it stores each packets ip address, port number , protocol type ,time etc in respective variables. Now i want to display these values in a tabluar format. So i choose datagridview. How to proceed, i am unable to insert the values in cell, msdn didnt helpful..kindly help.

Certain collections are naturally suited to a DataGridView -- like a List<T^>.
If I use a List<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>>^, I can store data in the DataGridView without additional manipulation:

System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
   List<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>>^ lst_kvp_s2s = gcnew List<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>>();
   lst_kvp_s2s->Add(KeyValuePair<String^, String^>("President", "Dave"));
   lst_kvp_s2s->Add(KeyValuePair<String^, String^>("Vice President", "Robert"));
   lst_kvp_s2s->Add(KeyValuePair<String^, String^>("Secretary", "Tom"));
   dataGridView1->DataSource = lst_kvp_s2s;

Output attached:

Thanks for reply
but the problem is i have to insert 10 variables, ie source mac & ip,destination mac & ip(the values are in const char *)..packet number, size in int, some are unsigned char..how to dispaly all these. Help me...

Devfeel... Uhm, I dont want to sound rude but how can that be such a big problem?

converting and datatype shuffeling and loading into lists is something that should be rather simple if you managed the program you mentioned above?

thines01's advice is solid and will give you exactly what you need...

Not a problem:

System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)
   const char* arr_pstrTitles[] = {"President", "Vice President", "Secretary"};
   int arr_intYears[] = {3, 2, 6}; 

   List<KeyValuePair<String^, int>>^ lst_kvp_s2i = gcnew List<KeyValuePair<String^, int>>();
   for(int i=0; i<3; i++)
      lst_kvp_s2i->Add(KeyValuePair<String^, int>(
         gcnew String(arr_pstrTitles[i]), arr_intYears[i]));
   dataGridView1->DataSource = lst_kvp_s2i;

Thanks ...
@Eagleton I am a biggener in this...& creating a console application is easy compared to GUI..I have done c socket programming to fetch all these values. Now for GUI I am facing this problem.
When i click start button the values gets generated reading the socket and stores the values in these variables.
time_t epoch;
char packet_buffer[4096],tcp_proto[41];
char sip_buffer[80], dip_buffer[80];
char packet_type[80]; etc..I want to display all this in tablur format...

Well in that case I am bloody impressed... well done :)

just ensure (with debug output) that your info is saved in the arrays correctly...

then follow thines' advice in his last post to create the list... and set it to the datasource...

I am unable to create list. When i run the above code it shows List undeclared identifier.

What exactly is the error you get? I have a feeling that would probably be because of an include that you are missing...

try: "#include <list>"

Finally did it...thanks both of u for helping...
i used

            array<String^>^ itemRec1=gcnew array<String^>(10);

            itemRec1[0]=i.ToString();//packet number

            itemRec1[1]=ip_pkt_len.ToString();//packet length

            String ^aTime = gcnew String(s);
            itemRec1[2]=aTime;// time

            dataGridView1->Rows->Add(itemRec1);//to create row and insert items

The problem i am facing now is that wen so many packets arrive it goes in to not responding after printing certain values. How to handle large amount of data?

hey , i need to create grid page in c++ with cell
OS: ubuntu (linux)