I would like some one to help me how I can generate reports through vbnet 2010 but related to the database that I have in access 2007, I wish to make report that will require to select some columns of different tables for better making the repots.

I have another problem too, of how I can make a connection between user details table with staff and role table
so that the staff table as the table I use to allow the user from interface to login with username and password to access to the system and role table that give two type or level of user to access differently one admin and another user. So I have in staff table id, username, password, RoleId, in role table, i have id,RoleId and Role
and then on users details I have id,username,password,firstnaman,surname,lastname, phone, address,Roleid.
Now I m using Staff table and Role table, but I m failing to connect users details so that I can regester users from that table and get some of record in staff table to be used for a login system.
Please help me out. thank you in advance.