hi guys, first time posting here. so i have this menu for a game i am making and the image that i have for the menu background has text and things already loaded onto it.

what would be the best way to have the text clickable? would it be to delete the text and re add it or is there a way to add some sort of action listener that can deal with this in the form that it is currently in. thanks :)

have the text clickable

What does "clickable" mean? Do you want an event when the text is clicked on?
Is the text part of an image, not a String you are adding to a component?

Where and what is the text and what kind of component is the text in?

sorry i didnt explain properly. the text is part of a png file and i want another menu page to open up when certain parts of the image are clicked

You could use a mouseListener on the component holding the image and get the x,y location of the mouse click and compare it to the location of the text on the image. Use a photo editor to map out the rectangles around the parts you want to be able to click on.

thanks :) i will do that. im really glad i stumbled among this forum, really fast replys. thanks again