I have a problem with some resource files (i.e. .txt) which I have created in the project under let's say com/myapp/resources.

I have a class created: com.myapp.util.MyClass which reference a file.txt located in resources folder:


The project is created in eclipse. After I export the project as runnable jar I try to execute the jar and I get a null InputStream.

Could you guys please tell me what else is to be configured (something in the MANIFEST file probably... :| )

Thanks in advance!

All I can say at the moment is check your spelling. On windows when not packaged in a jar it will not be case sensitive, but once is packed into the jar it is case sensitive.

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Got the solution at last. The path to the file was incorrect.
It seems that the path has to begin with a '/'. So instead of


I will have


Any specific reason you want to load resource relative to a class and not relative to a classloader using MyClass.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("my/pkg/file.txt") ?

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Nope. It was just a scenario. But you are right. A resource should be referenced by root folder and not related to a class. It's more general.


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