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I need to show a map, plotting addresses that are held on a sql database. Has any one come across any software suitable for this task (i.e. can be built into vb.net). I have tried using MS MapPoint, which according to the write up says it will do the job, but I cannot get it to work (posting on here didn't get any response) so I wondered if there was a more popular mapping utlity out there?

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There is a free extention for Visual Studio that does this. Open visual studio, and go to the extention manager. Go to online templates and look for Google GEO Pack 2010

Thanks for the advice. Found the geocode extension, clicked download and it just takes me to a website. I found the zip file to download, but how do I add this to my project (sorry - haven't used extensions before)

Here is the documentation that Microsoft offers.

Thanks for the link. After a bit of playing, I got it to work, but it's not really what I'm after. I got MapPoint to work a few years ago with VB6, so I'll keep playing and see if I can get it going with VB.NET.

Thanks anyway

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