'''''*****ListView(VB 6) Selected or checked Data Entry & Display Solutions full code*****''''

Option Explicit
Public CN As ADODB.Connection ''General Declaration in Modules part''
Public RS As ADODB.Recordset ''General Declaration in Modules part''

Public Sub DBConn() ''Sub Procedure for Database in Modules part'''

Set CN = New ADODB.Connection
With CN
If .State = adStateOpen Then
End If
.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
.ConnectionString = App.Path & "\DemoDB.mdb"
.ConnectionTimeout = 50
.Mode = adModeReadWrite
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
End With
End Sub


Private Sub Form_Load()

DBConn ''Calling Proc from Module''

'''** ListView Design view and Properties'''
With ListView2
With .ColumnHeaders
.Add 1, , "SL", 300, lvwColumnLeft
.Add 2, , "Name Id", 1200, lvwColumnLeft
.Add 3, , "Customer Name", 2000, lvwColumnLeft
.Add 4, , "Products/Items", 2250, lvwColumnLeft
.Add 5, , "Amount/Qty", 1250, lvwColumnRight
.Add 6, , "CustNo", 1000, lvwColumnRight
End With
.Appearance = cc3D
.LabelEdit = lvwManual
.BorderStyle = ccFixedSingle
.View = lvwReport
.GridLines = True
.HideSelection = True
.FullRowSelect = True
.HideColumnHeaders = False
.AllowColumnReorder = True
.Checkboxes = True
.LabelWrap = True
End With
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPopulate_Click() '''''Data Load in ListView control'''''''''

Dim itmX As ListItem
Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
RS.Open "tblCustomer", CN, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdTableDirect

If RS.RecordCount Then
Do While Not RS.EOF
Set itmX = ListView2.ListItems.Add '''''(, , CStr(ListView1.ListItems.Count + 1))
With RS
itmX.SubItems(1) = !CustID
itmX.SubItems(2) = !CustName
itmX.SubItems(3) = !CustItem
itmX.SubItems(4) = !CustAmount
itmX.SubItems(5) = !CustNo
End With
''''''''''For Set Focus on last entry row And Vertical Schroll Bar Showing'''''''
With ListView2
If Not itmX Is Nothing Then
.ListItems(itmX.Index).Selected = True
End If
End With
Set RS = Nothing
MsgBox "Records not found in the Database.", vbInformation, "SDM."
Set RS = Nothing
Exit Sub
End If

End Sub

Private Sub cmdListView_SaveCheckedItem_Click()

'''''ListView Checked Item Data entry to Database'''
On Error GoTo Rollback_Err
Dim x As Integer
For x = ListView2.ListItems.Count To 1 Step -1

Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
RS.Open "tblCustomer", CN, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic, adCmdTableDirect
If ListView2.ListItems(x).Checked = True Then
With RS
!CustID = ListView2.ListItems(x).SubItems(1) '''Database Column and ListView subItem''
!CustName = ListView2.ListItems(x).SubItems(2)
!CustItem = ListView2.ListItems(x).SubItems(3)
!CustAmount = ListView2.ListItems(x).SubItems(4)
End With
End If
Set RS = Nothing
Exit Sub
Me.MousePointer = vbDefault
Set RS = Nothing
MsgBox Error$, 48, "Data Transaction Error."

End Sub

Umm ... What is this? Is it your code? Wht are we supposed to do with it?

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