Hello Friends,

I want a small help...

I have created a text box....a button and a date time picker control

I have showed the calander control on click of the button event....when a value is selected in the datetimepicker the value should be showed in the text box...

I have done this....in the datetimepicker value change event

But then I want that the datetimepicker control to hide again...but this code I cant write in the value change event since if I write the hide code in datetimepicker value change event it will hide it every time...

cant write in lost focus also since it will have to wait till the focus is lost

cant write the code in text box value change event since the value will be changed after every click in datetimepicker

I want to write the code when the value in calander is doubleclicked...can anyone help on this???

Re: Date Time Picker Value to Text box 80 80

You want to hide.... ok!

When do you want to show it up again?

You could createa class boolean flag, and with it determine when to hide it for n clicks (1,2,..n), or when to hide it forever.

Re: Date Time Picker Value to Text box 80 80

There is no such events like doubleClick or DateSelected, like monthCalendar control has.
So I would suggest you to take MonthCalendar control, and use DateSelected event.
What do you think?

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