When clicking the "Edit" button on an existing post, you are presented with the post and just an "Edit Post" and "Cancel" button at the bottom, neither of which post the edited version. Is there a FAQ for the new methods? If not then there should be. Also posting a url link is now different for those reading this post. Click the "link" button and it will show that a combination of [noparse] [text] and (link) [/noparse] is now required.

The Edit Post does post edited version, but it need refresh of the page before starting to edit. I have suggested that it should say something else like 'Update the Post' in Community Feedback forum. We unfortunately are left sometime on our own, as the staff is busy to get main errors ironed out from site!

When/it the stickys come back, let's start one for the undocumented new formatting options.

And have you or anyone else figured out how to post code without indenting every freakin line an extra four spaces?

# test using a comment to mark the beginning of the code---Doesn't Work

for choice in ["this sucks", "what was wrong with the original", "lucky your job doesn't depend on this"]:
print choice

I made followind 'recipe' to do it yourself in your favorite editor first:

ctrl-a, indent, ctrl-c, undo the indent
put empty line to post
ctrl-v to your post

The GUI way is off course that you must do pasting of the code, select the pasted code, and push the Code from menu ribbon. I would use shift-Arrow Up (or shift-Ctrl-Home and shift-Down enough many times to go to beginning of the code) to paint the code. You can do also pasting the code in beginning, ctrl-A and Code, then add the explanations.

these tricks might work for a Desktop, but not for a mobile user.
I use my phone for coding, making threads and posting in the forum and unfortunately these new changes in daniweb, makes it a hard job.
there is no ctrl+a then indent or any other shortcuts on my phones python shell or other code editors.

The new editor does not seem to work well in my mobile either, neither with Opera Mobile nor Nokia browser (webkit based, I think). Specifically editing did not work well writing worked, but arrow keys in my Nokia E7 were associated to page, not to editing box, making it impossible to go back and edit the entered text.

I'm using Samsung galaxy tab, with Opera, Dolphine browser, Android default browser, UCweb browser with a variety of virtual keyboards, but no luck.

I reported it to the Community Feedback forum, even probably it will not be highest priority. They understandably have their hands full with getting the main functionality more stable first. So you have also problem of virtual keyboard not activating. Even the physical keyboard of my Nokia E7 does not get the focus, except I can sometimes just write new post without any editing of the post. Moving in text by touch screen or arrows does not work.

Markdown extra works, even it is not visible in preview, so you can put line with triple ~ before and after the code like old code tags without indenting.

if 'works':
    print 'Hallelujah!'

Here is one markdown cheat sheet.

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