I am going to begin learning Java but I want to get a book (2-3 books... one being easy, intermediate, and advanced). I don't mind buying the books (the price doesn't matter either). What are some books that are most perfered by you guys?

I currently i am learning it by using online resources (such as forums, youtube, lynda.com, etc.). I know people ask this question all the time (how do i do this or how do i learn this and etc.) but even though they are asked their references aren't always the best.

But anyways, I saw a few books at Barnes and Nobles and amazon and i thought they were simple (Head First series, For dummies, etc.). Despite those series, is there anything better?

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The following Java books are on my shelf and I consider them as very good:

(haven't read these cover-to-cover though)

  • Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates - Head First Java: Introductory Java book

  • Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman & K.S. & B.B. - Head First Design Patterns: Good read after you've gone through an introductory Java book.

  • Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates - SCJP Study Guide (now it is OCJP though, pick up this one after reading an introductory Java book, when you want to prepare for the certification exam)

  • Bruce Eckel - Thinking In Java (Intermediate, very thorough book about Java)

  • Cay Horstmann - Big Java (Introductory computer science book)

  • Cay Horstmann - Core Java Volume I and II (read after you've read an introductory book, Volume I is Intermediate, and Volume II is Intermediate - Advanced)

  • Deitel & Deitel - Java How To Program (introductory computer science book, similar to Big Java).

For reviews check amazon or another online seller.

I especially want to recommend the Core Java books. They are really useful because they cover a wide range of library features, using decent code examples.

More resources can be found in the Starting Java sticky thread.

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I have seen a few of the books you have mentioned (their brand) and will consider buying them, and i think i am going to have to play eeny-meeny-mino-mo on which one I am going to read first.

Thanks for your recommendations, I will go to Barnes & Nobles/amazon and buy the books.

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