I have been using some open source software, like weka/mallet to fulfill certain data analytics works. I know how to use the APIs of these softwares and write customized code under Eclipse. Right now, I would like to learn how to make this type of data analytics work as a server-based program. For instance, it can have a web-page, and let user to submit data file and choose certain analytical functions. The program running on the server side can fulfill the required task and return the result. How can I start, and which kind of tool/library should I use?


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I am totally new to servlet or java-based server programming. My understanding is this,

Suppose I downloaded an open source software, like weka, as jar file. On a linux machine, I can either directly run this java program using sth such as java weka.clusterers.SimpleKMeans. But in the context of server programming, how can I ensure the jar file of weka is always on the running status and waiting the input. How to let the user's input transfer to the waitint jar file.

Since I am totally new to this kind of server programming, so the above question may not be explained in a professional language. Thanks for sharing more detail on this.


I know nothing about the weka program. You will have to read the documeentation for the program to see how to use it.


Hi NormR1,

I just used weka as an example. In fact, what confuses me is the workflow of implementing/building this kind of server programming. A downloaded jar file is supposed to run against an input in the command console. But how to let it run on the server side? Thanks.
Is there any specific installment that can keep the jar file running on the server side by waiting for the input from the front-end, like a html page.

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