How would I find all occurances of the letter 'e' for example in a list of the split word elephant?
I've tried using letterlist.index('e') for example but index only returns the first occurance of e.

This is to be used in a hangman game, and the game needs to display all the characters that have been guessed amongst a list of "-" dashes
So how would I replace "-" with the correctly guessed letter.


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print(['e' if letter == 'e' else '-' for letter in 'elephant'])
['e', '-', 'e', '-', '-', '-', '-', '-']

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So how would I replace "-" with the correctly guessed letter

There are 3 containers here, the "secret word", the hangman list, and the letter quessed. You would iterate over the "secret word" and compare letters. If the letters match then replace the "-" at the same postion in the hangman list..

for position in range(len(secret_word)):
    letter = secret_word[position]

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