Hello Friends,

I need idea for my below process...

I have one medical prescription form in my table....which will generate bill...and a receipt number will be generated in crystal reports....

If suppose a bill is generated for a particular transaction and after suppose few days i need a duplicate bill....how can it be created...means how shud I store the values for all bill generated in the past...

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You will have to "recreate" the situation to generate the report the same way as it was two days ago.

If the reports are not archived, then you will have to find a way to recreate the situation.


Store everything in that bill into tables (header and detail or more if it is required) and have your CR read the table with bill number or something as parameter. Then you can use the same CR for both occasions.


Actually the bill is a ,edical prescription and it will contain more than 1 row for the same transaction....
how will I save all the data in one row itself....
coz I was thinking to add the receipt number to that transaction and store the values in a different database...
and then call the data using joins

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