It looks like the program executed.
Here's how to copy the console window instead of usung an image:
To copy the contents of the command prompt window:
Click on Icon in upper left corner
Select Edit
Select 'Select All' - The selection will show
Click in upper left again
Select Edit and click 'Copy'

Paste here.

Module JK1337 Computer Processing ...
1.Add Students
2.Add Grades
3.Remove Students
4.Remove Grades

Cool, so whats next?

whats next?

Strange question. I have no idea how to answer it.

I mean my problem still stands, after entering any of those number except 5 it just repeats itself

how should I make class work together fully

*How should I make both classes work together?

You need to add some code to the if statements that do something. Like the "add" section needs to get info from the user about a student, create a new Student object and add that object to a list of Student objects.

Is it possible you can ammend my code correctly for me as I don't know how to do it.

Do it one small step at a time: Get the info for a student.
You know how to prompt the user for input. write code that asks the user for the info needed to build a Student object and then reads the user's response and saves it in local variables.

So should I make a loop from scratch and leave the one I showed you?

What do you want to make a loop for?

To be able to keep on adding Students which include the assingmentOne marks and finalExamGrade as well as the finalLetterGrade.
So it doesn't stop, untill I exit >.<

The last code you posted (the Main class) had a loop that did that.

Ye but i'm unable to enter anything, its not completely linked together, if you could help me link that up would be all thats needed.

Post the code you are talking about.
I am talking about adding code to the Main class that you posted last. That is where you should be adding code.

This one

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Main extends Student


    public static void Main(String[]args)

    Student firstBlock = new Student();
    Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
    int selection;

    System.out.println("1.Add Students");
    System.out.println("2.Add Grades");
    System.out.println("3.Remove Students");
    System.out.println("4.Remove Grades");
    selection = sc.nextInt();
    if(selection == 1){


    if(selection == 2){


    while(selection != 5);



Yes. Add code afer line 25 to get the data for a student and store it as discussed above.

Can you give me an example like 1/2 lines then i'll try finishing it of from there

Here is an example from your code:

  System.out.println("5.Exit");  // prompt the user
  selection = sc.nextInt();      // read the user's response

Still don't get it =/

You need to think about what the program is supposed to do.
Make a list of the steps for adding a new student.
How would you do it with a piece of paper? Ask questons, write down responses, put the piece of paper in a pile with the other pieces of paper with other students' data.

All the information that is inputted when the program is executed at the moment is the things that the Student has, instead of the program clossing it should continue from step 1 which is inputting Student name etc.

If you get this sorted out for me soon i'll vote up all your comments, if that helps =p. Need to finish this ASAP because I also need to do documentation straight after due tommarow

When this gets done is up to you. I really don't care at all about votes. Not important. Meaningless.

Oh thought they would boost your ranking =p

That and $2 will get me a cup of coffee.

Then let me help you get you that coffee by you giving me what I need i'll give you what you need, then we're both happy aha.

Wow i've became a Light Poster now cool =p even though I probably won't use this website after i'm done with my program

commented: May as well stop now if you're expecting someone to write it for you. -3

My bro is helping me out, hope it works out

how old are you by the way

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