Im doing a system to calculate student attendance to class. Now i'm having problems to grab a data from Access, use it as a value in VB calculation. Then, how to send the answer of the calculation to another [FieldName] as an updated data in Access.

the formula of calculation is:

% attendance = [ (total attendance/28) x 100% ]

for your information,

total attendance is the data to be grabbed from Access

Your kindly respond is most appreciated.TQ

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You must get the total of the number of times the student attended the class. Which is from the database. Next, after getting the Total, you can now use your formula:

((total attendance/total class days) x 100%

Now, the only problem you have are:
1. How are you gonna get the Total Attendance?
2. How are you gonna save total attendance on the database?

go here for connection strings.

Correct me if im wrong with the analysis.

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