I have recently finished first game in C++ which has huge code which will be fixed in future who knows how many times.
It is really not practical to publish entire .exe launcher as fix, but I heard that it isn't case with DLL files.
I could simply create DLL with my functions and if I fix some, I publish only DLL ( it's more elegant too ).

My question is: what kind of knowledge in C++ should I have, so I can be able to create simple DLL...simple as it contains only one function ( for start )?

I know basics of OOP, generic programming... is that enough?

And is there any tutorial about making DLLs using DEVC++ or BorlandBuilder?


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There is no easier way to create DLLs than to use Visual Studio (even VS Express).
Whe you create a project type, you simply choose the option of DLL.
You can choose to make one for Win32 or for the CLR.

I suspect the other compilers also have different options at the time you first create the project.

With any tool you're going to use, I suggest you create a new project and practice first before modifying your game.

Once you start to modify your game, I suggest moving routines and classes that do not involve the display.
Hopefully, your code is not tightly coupled to the display. Using non-displaying code will allow you to first create a DLL that does not require binding resources to/in it.

Dump that old ancient compiler and buggy IDE. Get either free VC++ 2010 Express or free Code::Blocks w/MinGW compiler. Both compilers will produce startup DLL projects for you.

Here is a tutorial

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