Hey everyone. I really need some help with my code for class. Here is the prompt :

Write a program to manage a dictionary. The dictionary should be stored on a text file named diction.txt and consist of an alphabatized list of words, one per line. When a user enters a word, scan the dictionary looking for the word. If the word is in the dictionary, say so. If not, display the dictionary word immediately preceding and immediately following so the user can see words that are close in spelling. Then ask if the user wants to answer another word, if the answer is yes, go back to the above steps. If no, terminate the program.

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can give me on this lab.

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Hi amber... No-one is going to do your homework for you... show us you tried and we will assist where you get stuck... post some code or give errors or problems dont ask us to do everything

The first thing you need to do is create that text file, unless your teacher gave you one. If you google around for dictionary text files you may be able to find one.

After that, write your program one small step at a time. you know that you have to ask the user for a word, so start out your program with just that informaton. Compile and get it working before moving on gto the next part of the assignment.

Here is one of several text dictionaries

sorry here is my attempt, the only problem is that for some reason I can never open the file dictiona.txt ( which is actually a txt item in my "source files" folder.So I can't even see if my program is working correctly.

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