Hello all,

Im working in VS 2010. The program is up to date btw.

My Warning message when i try to debug my VB app :

"Warning 10 The referenced component 'DAO' could not be found."

The COM reference in question is:
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
Version =

What I did to try to remedy the issue:
1.Remove and readd the COM reference (Did not work; System still couldnt find the reference specified)

  1. Removed the reference path to the COM object, readded the path
    (Still got the error message)

    What I am thinking is that this COM object is not registered, however I have no idea how to register the object.

    I am at a loss on this as this is my first time really having to deal with COM and .NET references. Any help will get rep points.

See if it helps to set the property "Copy Local" to True for that reference.