Hello my fellow Daniwebbers, I have yet another question for you.

I have been using a library to scan, located here, and have not been getting a consistant return.

When I use the TWAIN Source, the GUI pops up and disappears almost instantly.
When I tell the source manager to not show the GUI, it scans fine, but with duplexing enabled.

When I scan with the WIA source, everything is fine.....BUT! I can't save my scan settings.

Has anyone used twain or WIA in .Net and knows how to pass in the parameters for the scanning process?

I have dug through WIA and TWAIN documentation, and neither of them are very helpful on the situation.


Some one give this man a medal!

A quick solution to the problem. Made some modifications of my own, but you can do the same.

I added some features, like customizable working directory ect...

If anyone downloads the libary and needs help adding features. Just pm me.

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