Hi All,

How i can restrict the numbers of customer from database?
I use adodb with access.
I know how to retrieve customers from database but i don't know how to restrict it to spesific numbers.

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Can you show your sql query to retrieve customers from database?

Yes, this my query to retrieve data :

Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "SELECT * from Customers", Conn,adOpenStatic ,adLockOptimistic 

However, i want to restrict all data to recordset is just only 50 customers.
How i can do this? Please help.

To limit your retrieved data from database you use TOP clause in your sql statement.
You can read in this site.

Select TOP 50 * from Customers
commented: Worked Perfectly +1

Wow...That code worked perfectly.
Thank you sir.

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