I want to test some graphics work I am doing with the Utah Teapot model. The issue is that all the data I can find on it uses bezier patches (which I have no clue how to render) does anybody know how I could get the data in a form similar to this:

triangle 1: {x1,y1,z1},{x2,y2,z2},{x3,y3,z3}
triangle 2: {x1,y1,z1},{x2,y2,z2},{x3,y3,z3}
Et cetera, Et cetera
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Rendering Bezier patches or NURBS surfaces isn't hard at all in OpenGL, not any harder than rendering a vertex buffer (the procedure is similar, you hand over the points to OpenGL and you call a render function on it). I suggest you look into it.


I know that OpenGL has special ways to render the teapon, but I want to test my collision detection and scaling algorithms on it, which requires that I have vertices of triangles.

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