Ive been literally killing myself looking up guides but most are way outdated and/or complicated. I tried a few simply ones but they simply appear to be out of date.

Can someone point me on a easy way to set it up in Windows? Ive been trying to use (as a client) TortoiseSVN but I simply cant get it to work. So I need something simply and easy.....

Thanks a lot!

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I use the SubversionEdge Kit from Collab net it sets up the Server for you, running through apache. BUT They also over the CollabNet Desktop for Subversion and ANKH SVN. I think this is what you are actually looking for, the desktop will let you connect to your subversion server via the desktop then ANKH SVN is a plugin that goes direct into any version of Visual Studio and runs off the desktop to enable you to manage and check your files in and out of your respository as you would of via Source Safe except of course , it allows branching , concurrent development etc. http://www.collab.net I'm sure there other tools out there that let you do this but it's what we use.

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