Hey guys! I want to make a simple app that will search for a predetermined file name and will list all occurrences in one listbox.

I've searched on Google, but all the "search files" codes that I found were somewhat confusing. Can someone provide me some info so I can accomplish this? Thanks!

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Here is a thread that may be of some interest to you

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Here is a thread that may be of some interest to you

What will you have in a listbox? Files?
If so you can do a loop through all the item in listbox and compare each of them to your file name.
Can you do it?

Actually, I want to add the found files (or, to be more precise, it's full path, like C:\path\to\my.file). I need to search them around the user's filesystem, which seems that is exactly what BobS0327 posted. Thank you, I'll try it better later, I'm at College right now.

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