What are the requirements of Search Engine Optimization?

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What do you mean by requirements?
There aren't really any, other than knowledge.

Do SEO with patient :D
Do SEO legally to prevent your site in blacklist of SE

What are the requirements of Search Engine Optimization?

To Optimize the Search Engine. :cool:

Always use white hat seo techniques.

i don't understand what you are talking about by saying "What are the requirements of Search Engine Optimization?". But for good result, you should use only ethical SEO tactics which includes both on-page and off-page optimization.

SEO is all about increase site visibility in search engine eye and we can get result of doing seo by long time.

SEO doesnt require anything, you require SEO for your site. mean to say, just learn it:)

You need to start with getting familiar with the concept of improving your organic web ranks over the net, through using a combination of free and paid methods. Links combined with on page elements seem to be among key players over the net today.

It is possible to make a website that would be liked by both people as well as search engines. Contents which are related to the targeted terms and original ones would be adding weight to the domains and through building links, their ranks on search engines would get improved greatly.

The only thing required for search engine optimization, is having proper knowledge about SEO.

commented: well duh! -3

just have patient and and hardworking

be patient and use white hat seo techniques. Never be fast to increase your SERPs soon.

Avoid keyword stuffing, invisible links, hidden text.

Website and knowledge about SEO is require for a Search Engine Optimization.

The only thing which is required is patient and need hard working so make your effort to achieve your seo goals

KEYWORD and Back links are the Food For SEO

Search engine optimization are two -
1. Onpage optimization
Meta Tag Preparation
Site Analysis
Keyword Research & Analysis
Web Page/Design Optimization
Content Optimization
Mod Rewrite / Search Engine Friendly URLs
Robots File Creation
Competitive Analysis
W3C Validation
Sitemap Creation &Submission
Site Quality Check
Link Building Campaigns
SEO Recommendation
SE Friendly Design
SE Friendly Programming
SE Friendly Content
2. Off Page Optimization
Directory submission
Article submission
Press Release Submission
Forum Submission
Social Bookmarking
Blog marketing
RSS feeds
Link Building

SEO is the technique of promotion of your website and getting backlinks and ranking for site.

I think your newbie here and in SEO. SEO do not has any requirements, its you or your site, who require SEO.

SEO require lot of things like quality backlinks, Unique content, keyword strategies and Meta tag creation.

The only thing required for search engine optimization, is having proper knowledge about SEO.

I am agree with rohanferns. The only requirement is knowledge.

The first mandatory thing in SEO is that you must internet expert of online business.
Then you must aware of SEO activities like Off Page SEO and On Page SEO. These are the must two conditions or requirements for SEO.

Other than these there are lots of things you have to do in SEO or apart from SEO like SMO, video Submission PPC, Referrals etc.

Daily work with rotation policy and fresh content are main requirement of SEO.

Please be specific with exactly what do you mean by SEO requirement?

If you want to do SEO then keep your web site search engine friendly and gain quality and reputed back links.

Requirements? nothing a website/webpage and internet must.

Well there are some software for a faster process , but they ask money and its not cheap , anyways for your type of content just check Google for keywords and start linking toward your website.

Only the manin purpose to increase leads/sale

SEO require many think.SEO Two Type ON Page and Off Page.which type of information you want?

you should have deep knowledge os SEO ans some basic knowlegde of development also

This is my first post, SEO are of two types like on-page and off-page.
Off-page includes article submission, forum posting, blog commenting, directory submission.
On-page includes keyword research & analysis, title and meta tag optimization.

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