I have written this code to get the file in a directory, now i want to make it open the .txt & .ini & .docx and print this line: "=== THIS FILE HAS BEEN COMPRIMIZED ==="; in the file, need help with that code please.

Here is my code to get the files:


using namespace std;

int main()
   WIN32_FIND_DATA FindData;
   string FileName = ".\\*.*";   // . specifies the current directory
   FindHandle = FindFirstFile(FileName.c_str(), &FindData);
   if (INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE != FindHandle)
         cout << FindData.cFileName << '\n';
      } while (FindNextFile(FindHandle, &FindData) != 0);
   return 0;


Don't know if anyone else here has the same feeling that I have.....

I have a feeling that this may either be a prank, or something malicious....

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Also, wrong forum.

Really, you have no idee what malicious code is if you think this is malicious.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Nope. I'm giving the OP the benefit of the doubt though, because it's possible that this has legitimate uses. However there's a strong chance that it's a very naive attempt at virus propagation logic.

Also, wrong forum.

Looks fine to me.

Sorry deceptikon, the previous post about being in the wrong forum was when it was posted in the vb.net forum.

*.txt and *.ini files should be simple and straight forward to process as you described in your post. I don't know how the subject of this thread fits into that. *.docx files are more problematic because the are binary files, not text files. Other languages such as VB.NET and C# would be better suited to process *.docx files, which asre witten by Microsoft Word or Open Office.

@AD: The docx format is not really a binary format, it is just a zipped xml file. You can decompress it with a standard zip library and then read / write it with any decent xml library, plenty of those are available in C/C++.